Friday, August 26, 2011

C'mon Man!

Disclaimer: A man on College Sports radio this morning mentioned that the media and sports fans alike can only focus on the negatives and scandals in collegiate sports. Please send my apologies to mister Orange Beach caller - I'm going to focus on it too.

If you're an NFL fan you're familiar with the segment C'MON MAN! Well, I've knocked the dust off the ole blog for my LSU College Football version of C'MON MAN!

Your team is ranked in the Top 5 pre-season. You have an entire senior season to finally prove to your nay-sayers that you are a legitimate talent and can lead your team. You have a huge, HUGE game against the Oregon Ducks (who just happened to play in the National Title game last season) at Cowboys Stadium the first game of the season. You are Jordan Jefferson. And, after the events the past few weeks. You are AN IDIOT.

I just simply do not understand what makes a senior in college - A SENIOR - want to break curfew and sneak out. C'MON MAN. You're 21/22 years old. You're supposedly a "grown man". You're supposedly a "leader" of one of the top level college football programs in the country. You're the main man, the director, the orchestrator of the offense.

Where was the voice of Les Miles in your head when you snuck out of the room after curfew? Where were the images of a potential championship when you went to the local bar? Did thoughts of your potential and your future cross your mind as you assaulted another human being?

Well, Mr. Jefferson, while you're sitting there with those shiny handcuffs around your wrists I hope you take time to contemplate all that you set fire to for a little night on the town.

I hope it was worth it - but guarantee you it wasn't.



  1. Wow, what a tragedy for all four of the players involved. Especially for Jefferson & Johns....what where they thinking. C'MON MAN!
    RK 8.26.11

  2. That's just it.... They weren't thinking at all about their commitments and responsibilities ... Only about sneaking out and having a good time. Really? Really.
    S.S. - Go Gators!